A new insta home for June Letters Studio

It was time. After months of mixing mostly baby pictures with my work, I felt like I needed a space separate from my personal life to highlight my business. Having a baby is all consuming, and it is easy to get carried away posting pictures because everything they do is so cute. But I realized that not everyone wants to see a million pictures of my baby Izzie and that some people are interested in my design work! I feel so much better now that I have two separate accounts for my personal and business, and even though it is tough to feel like I am starting from square one - I know I will be able to build up @junelettersstudio into something I am really proud of. 

In my new account I will be sharing snippets on my work in progress, images of my workflow, new blog posts, illustrations, hand-lettered quotes, images I find inspiring, updates about my course and products - and so much more! Hope you enjoy (and will follow!) my new little social space. My following is small so far but I am amazed at the engagement. I have over 2k more followers on my other account and yet get less likes and comments on each photo than my new account with 200 followers. It really shows that focusing in on your brand & niche can do wonders for your business. 

In that vein - I have been working on a brand new website design and new blog posts! I have been neglecting my brand and website during these post-baby months and I am finally at a point that I am ready to re-establish myself. So much goodness coming, hope you will follow along!

Lots more to come,

Freelance Wisdom THE SITE is Live!


I have been pretty MIA on this blog and while the main reason is because of my baby - I have also been working behind the scenes on a brand new website called Freelance Wisdom. The site is based on my Freelance Wisdom series that I started on this little blog! After a lot of hard work, the site is finally live, and I am very proud of it! The site will feature bi-weekly interviews with female freelance creatives and business owners. It also features a page full of helpful resources, a shop (more ebooks and digital downloads coming soon!), and a secret library with great free downloads.

Inspired By: Define Magazine

Beautiful art, gorgeous design, thoughtful writing - could you want anymore in a magazine? I am so impressed by the newest endeavor by husband and wife dream team Amanda & Cree Jones. 

Define is a quarterly magazine. Each issue focuses on a single word and will be defined by a unique group of artists through various mediums. Each artist gets a chance to work on projects uninhibited by the client filter. They are able to collaborate on a global scale—and create something beautiful and thought–provoking. For their newest issue, the theme is shape, and features over 30 new artists. Mediums include typography, crochet, japanese marbling, photography, collage...just to name a few.

The Jones' were kind enough to share with me some of the art that is featured in their newest issue. Be prepared to be inspired! I think it would be a really fun exercise to also create a piece based on shape to get my creative juices flowing.

You can purchase the magazine here. It is a real beauty and total collectors item.

xo Jess